who are we?

It is an Authentic Iranian Brand known as ((Taghechian Creative House)) which is active in the field of Fashion, clothing, Jewelry and Art Decor with orientation of Art and Culture. Our main Basis in this group is to produce and offer products which besides their normal usage, also using Colors, Forms and Drawing, include a human common value consisting of profound concepts and beauty of an art piece. As time goes by, we have recognized our addressee community and we have received good feedbacks from them.

We have never compared ourselves with the others, But we have been always searching for a stand for ourselves among them. Selecting such approach (in cruel competitive world of fashion with a variety of different clothing in-process in scope of millions) takes a great courage and an endless love to Art Using a different style Taghechian Creative House is trying to let the addressees feel reflects of Art and Culture not only in Art Galleries but also in routine life flow..


TEGE Design is considering adding a colorful work to the big notebook of the fashion world.

To produce general and useful products in conceptual arts such as clothing and jewelry items that create a sense of value in the audience and bring them along as they listen to their stories.

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